Ordering photos from us can be confusing because of the various options and the fact that the ordering process is mostly controlled by Zenfolio and can’t be customized much.  There are actually multiple ways of ordering your photos.  The following process is the easiest way to order any package – even if you change your mind midstream as to what option you want to choose.  Assuming you have registered on the site, follow these steps to order your photos:


SECTION 1 - TO ORDER ALL PHOTOS FOR ONE RIDER (One, two, three, or more days.  For smaller packages available for immediate download, Go to SECTION 2):

  1. Go to the gallery that contains your photos.  As you browse, when you see a photo of yourself, make it a favorite by clicking on the heart icon.  It will change to white to indicate the selection was made.  Do this with 2 photos of yourself – preferably 2 photos showing different angles of you and your bike.
  2. Once you have chosen 2 photos of yourself, choose one of the options under the PRODUCTS section of the purchase options on the right. (if the purchase options are not displayed, click on the green BUY button in the upper right of the screen to open it.)


  1. Drag the 2 chosen photos onto the 2 empty squares


  1. Click ADD TO CART to continue


  1. Click on GO TO CART to continue


  1. Review the cart for accuracy and click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to continue


  1. Complete the required information and enter any coupon code you may have then click on CONTINUE CHECKOUT


  1. Review your purchase and click on the Pay Now button at the bottom to complete payment via PayPal.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay via PayPal.  You can use a credit card to complete payment via PayPal with or without an account. 
  2. Once payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation email advising your order was received (within 24 hours).  Once your order is complete, you will receive a second email containing a link to your photos and download instructions.  This may range from a few hours to a couple of days depending on many factors since these orders are manually filled.  However, we will make every effort to complete the order as soon as possible and will communicate any delays to you.


SECTION 2 - TO ORDER PHOTOS FOR IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD (individual image, package of three, five, or ten photos.  For ALL PHOTOS, see next section):

  1. Go to the gallery or galleries that contain your photos.  As you browse, when you see a photo you may want to purchase, make it a favorite by clicking on the heart icon.  It will change to white to indicate the selection was made.



  1. Continue to add to your Favorites until you have selected all candidate images. 
  2. Once you have chosen all images, open your Favorites set by pointing your cursor to the link on the upper left of the screen just above the active image.  This will display all selected images.



  1. Click on the BUY icon on the upper right of the screen (don’t worry about the dropdown – just click on BUY).  This will take you to the SHOP



  1. Select DOWNLOADS to display the various purchase options for download



  1. Click on the drop-down list on the right just above the “Product Total” line to display available options.



  1. For this example we will pick “Download Any Five Photos”
  2. Next, click on “PREVIEW” just below the “Product Total” box.  This will display the selection screen.



  1. Your selected photos should be on the SELECTED tab.  If you don’t see them there, you can also click on the FAVORITES tab and find the name of the favorites set you created. 
  2. From here, drag the photos you want to purchase onto the empty squares to the right of the thumbnails displayed.  Once done, click on ADD TO CART.  The SAVE option will allow you to come back to this if you are unsure of which photos you want. Once you add to cart, you will get this confirmation:



  1. Click on VIEW CART to open the cart



  1. Next, click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to continue to the License Agreement screen



  1. Read and agree to the license agreement then click on CONTINUE CHECKOUT



  1. Enter your information and click CONTINUE CHECKOUT to go to the payment screen



  1. Complete the payment information on the payment screen and apply any Coupon Code you may have.  Click on CONTIUNUE CHECKOUT to continue.  You should receive the CONFIRMATION screen



  1. Click on PLACE ORDER to complete your purchase.  You will see a receipt screen.



  1. You will also receive an email message from Highside Photo which will contain a link to the download page



  1. Once you click on the DOWNLOAD PAGE link, you will be taken to the page from which you can launch the download



  1. Click on the DOWNLOAD ALL PURCHASED ITEMS link to launch the download.  This will download a .ZIP file to your computer.  You will need to extract that file to access your photos. 

If you have any difficulty with these procedures, please feel free to contact me directly via voice or text at 770 329-8595, via email at [email protected], or via Facebook Messenger at facebook.com/highsidephoto.